News & Updates

Minor Bug fixes

by Edigno on 16-03-2019

Hello all,

Fixed some minor bugs, enjoy once more!

Update 20181027

by Edigno on 27-10-2018

Creatura Academy maps are fixed now.

New players be welcomed once again!

Update 20181024

by Edigno on 24-10-2018

Hello dear EdiRO players,

Today we've upgraded our server with awsome new features:

- Guildstorage is useble in all cities when you invested guild skill points in it.

- New instances added, "Biolabs Nightmare mode".

- New Maps added, Ridge Rock for the advanced players.

All databases have been upgraded, so watch out for new monsters and their new skills. Please report any bugs you encounter using our service desk and enjoy!

Update 20181018

by Edigno on 18-10-2018

Castle limit removed.


All guilds can now conquer for endless castles.

Update 2011004

by Edigno on 06-10-2018

Hi All,

- English translation update added.

- New 4-Digit protection at login screen

- Added important minimap notices

- Item descriptions added / corrected


Update 20180918

by Edigno on 18-09-2018

Ai Buggs fixed:

- mercenaries fixed (no lua errors)

- Custom Lua script tool added in custom map

Update 20180826

by Edigno on 26-08-2018

- Many cosmatic features have been added (headgears, wings and more).

- All third classes have their alternative outfits and this all can be found in prontera! 


- Also the view and walk distance is increased to ensure better gameplay at higher resolutions.

DB update 20180825

by Edigno on 25-08-2018

Today a few server updates were made:

- items, monsters and monster skills were updated in our database.

- Weightlimit increased to 70% instead of 50%

- More Quests were updated

Update 20180824

by Edigno on 24-08-2018

Dear players the prontera castle has been renovated! Some misterious things have happend there. Secret parties and midgards best courmet cooks have bested their famous recepies.

The way towards prontera's siege castles has been changed and castles apear to give treasure each day now.

Good luck, will you solve the prontera castle misteries?

Update 20180814

by Edigno on 14-08-2018

Some minor server bug fixes, itemdatabase updates, item combo updates.

War of Emperium:

- bug solved: monsters respawned in occupied castles

- castle release option removed

- Website won't show people online while WoE is active

20180728 Major Upgrade

by Edigno on 28-07-2018

Hi All, totday we created a major client update. many Client files were added, textures improved, better effects and even some user interface addons.

Since the patcher chrashed mulptiple times on most people i encourage all to redownload and reinstall EdiRO to be able to play updated fully!


Since so many files were adjusted the patch to update our client will need quite a while to update all files. extract, add, delete and compress data takes time while you can use your computer for other things. 

The Start Game button will apear when all patches are prepared and finished.

Update 20180727

by Edigno on 27-07-2018

Performed a small update on our background music library. Eden group has its own background song now!

server update complete

by Edigno on 25-07-2018

Server succesfully updated!

Currently we are upgrading the server. Check again in a few minutes to Play again.

Apologies for the inconvenience

Update 20180724

by Edigno on 24-07-2018

Hey guys, today's patch is an performance and latency clientside upgrade.

This enables fluent gameplay without lags.

Update 20180714

by Edigno on 14-07-2018

We now have working AI for our mercenairies again! Through the update of 2018 some files were lost but they have all returned to ensure smooth combat. Look into your AI_sakray folder to program your own Arificial Inteligence for your Hommuncullus and Mercenairies.


Update 20180704

by Edigno on 04-07-2018

Proud to announce that we have acces to 252 different colors! So get in there, go make some special dystuff and dye your clothing to give your character an even more personal touch! Special Thanks to Rowena who helped me testing!

Bugfix 20180702

by Edigno on 02-07-2018

Character Creation is possible again

Update 20180624

by Edigno on 24-06-2018

Error message while entering traveling cities is fixed, we now have nice signposts and icons displaying neatly. Skills and other service graphics have been slightly changed.

Update 20180620

by Edigno on 20-06-2018

Update 20180620 Patcher is updated to match our website, additional translation files are added you our client and the achievement system is enabled. Bugs and exploits can now be reported through our website, to do so you can simply use the button on our patcher. 

Server upgraded

by Edigno on 19-06-2018

I'm Pleased you inform you that we have succesfully upgraded 3digno! New Server Hardware to ensure we will run smoothly for years to come 3digno server data is renewed, updated to version rathena1706-2018 Enjoy!

Server Upgrade

by Edigno on 19-06-2018

Hi Guys, Server is being upgraded. New Hardware, New OS and Newest version Ragnarok!


MVP Ranking

by edigno on 14-06-2018

Latest MVP kill is now shown in our header!

New Start, new site

by Edigno on 12-06-2018

Update on our website :)


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