News & Updates

Update 20180918

by Edigno on 18-09-2018

Ai Buggs fixed:

- mercenaries fixed (no lua errors)

- Custom Lua script tool added in custom map

Update 20180826

by Edigno on 26-08-2018

- Many cosmatic features have been added (headgears, wings and more).

- All third classes have their alternative outfits and this all can be found in prontera! 


- Also the view and walk distance is increased to ensure better gameplay at higher resolutions.

DB update 20180825

by Edigno on 25-08-2018

Today a few server updates were made:

- items, monsters and monster skills were updated in our database.

- Weightlimit increased to 70% instead of 50%

- More Quests were updated

Update 20180824

by Edigno on 24-08-2018

Dear players the prontera castle has been renovated! Some misterious things have happend there. Secret parties and midgards best courmet cooks have bested their famous recepies.

The way towards prontera's siege castles has been changed and castles apear to give treasure each day now.

Good luck, will you solve the prontera castle misteries?


WoE Schedule

Sunday 20:00pm to 21:00pm

Occupied Castles

Holy Shadow

Server is online for: 56 days, 1 hours, 52 mins.